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If you experience an allergy to Viagra (signs such as difficulty breathing, hives, swelling of the lips, face, neck and tongue, breakout), or end up being nauseated and woozy during sexual intercourse call an ambulance.

This ailment has been recently getting more focus as it affects women sexual libido in several ways stopping women from appreciating their sex life.

This medicine has been created for males just, and is not expected to be taken by ladies.

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Inform your doctor if they get extreme.

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The complying with medications are expected to be discussed in instance you are already taking them or are intending to start taking them along with Sildenafil: specific barbiturates, anticoagulants, medications for hypertension, alpha blockers, other medicines for impotence, seizure medicines, cimetidine, HIV protease inhibitors, efavirenz, erythromycin, nevirapine, particular antifungals, beta blockers, and some other ones.

“You must not take even more compared to one tablet of this medicine each day, or take a double amount if you missed the routine one.”